Bedbugs Porch Concert, Alameda CA

Production Log, by Noel Rabinowitz

It was great fun to produce this concert video of the Bedbugs, a remarkable student band from my town of Alameda CA, playing to a hometown crowd on their high school graduation weekend. You can’t say these student players are precocious because they’ve been at it a while… but they sure play well beyond their age as you’ll hear in this multi-camera shoot of this June 9th 2024 show. 

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The band leader Emmett went to elementary and high school in Alameda with my Son. His Dad Paul Kotapish is very accomplished bluegrass player and music journalist – and a wonderful friend. I was pleased to support the Bedbugs’ musical efforts by providing videography and editing for this special moment in their journeys as young artists.

The show included a very hip original tune by Emmett called “Elegy for a Broken Chord” which they recently played at Yoshi’s. All the young musicians in the Bedbugs are serious about their musical studies and creative interests. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as they clearly did playing it.


Technical note: Cameras and microphones were progressively put in place during the first song. In the second song, you’ll notice the mix shifts to a full stereo sound field with good detail in each instrument, so be patient through the limited fidelity of the first song.

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