Prentis Hemphill: What is Takes to Heal

Production Log, by Noel Rabinowitz

It was unforgetable to document this event while at the same time deeply resonating with it. Please enjoy watching Author Prentis Hemphill’s Oakland stop on their book tour for “What it Takes to Heal: How Transforming Ourselves Can Help Change the World.” In this intense, thought-provoking conversation between Prentis and Malkia Devich-Cyril, we got a healing talk and a sense of the upliftment in this book.

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I could go on about production tech involved, but really what matters is to connect with these ideas and with the author… Visit @prentishemphill on social and get the book “What it Takes to Heal” at today.

I became aware of Prentis’ writings and work with the Embodiment Institute through my friend, media activist and community leader Malkia Devich-Cyril. I owe so much thanks and love to Malkia. Providing this video production is something I’m glad to have the capacity to offer to the communities they have convened and inspired over years of great work on media justice, grief work and so much more.

This piece was produced by me (see, shot as a one-person-crew and edited on a quick turnaround. I hope it conveys the electric energy in the room and back and forth flow between Prentis and Malkia.

To enable an edit that holds a sense of dialogue, introspection, and the connection of the author to the audience, I filmed it from five fixed-position cameras and one handheld. 

Two of the cameras were 360-degree VR cameras capturing in all directions, allowing the choice of any angle when editing later. For instance, the onstage VR camera yielded both closeup angles of Prentis and Malkia from the vantage of the table sitting between them.

With no board audio feed, I placed wireless transmitter / recorders on both Prentis and Malkia. The resulting sound? … surprisingly not as good as the wild sound straight from the iPhone 15 Pro Max positioned directly in front of the PA (with voice isolation sweetening in post). So, yet another example of the benefit of capturing audio at the source and from a backup method or two.

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